Blanco Cigars

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Hiram & Solomon Cigars



Grand Architect Project Details

Hiram & Solomon Cigars were introducing a new blend to be called the “Grand Architect”. In Masonic temples, God is referred to as the Grand Architect of all that we see. They wanted the artwork to look like the hand of God reaching down from the clouds with a compass in hand to draw the circumference of the world. They sent me several pieced together pieces from illustrations around the internet to better explain what they were looking for. After finishing the consultation, I began drawing the artwork. In order to save money on the band’s die cut, I used the same shape as all the other cigar bands in their line. The results came out beautiful, as you ca see below.





Blanco Cigars

Blanco Cigars


Cigar Obsession Project Details

Blanco Cigars needed cigar bands created for some specialty lines that they produce. One line is for the owner/operator of the cigar lifestyle blog CIGAR OBSESSION by Brian Glynn. The current line includes three blends: the “First Third”, the “Second Third” and the “Final Third”. In addition, Blanco Cigars was adding an additional blend, the “BG Reserve”. The look desired for the new cigar bands was decidedly old school Cuban, but in new, modern colors. After creating a mood board of different, classic cigar bands, the company owner and I worked through the details. The finished bands are beautiful & really capture the classic Cuban feel that both Mr. Glynn & Mr. Blanco were going for.






Prince Hall Project Details

Blanco Cigars is creating a cigar blend for the Prince Hall chapters of the Masons. Currently, there is already a Masonic themed cigar brand (Hiram & Solomon Cigars). It was vital that this new cigar band artwork maintained a connection to Free Masonry, but did not use any of the themes or details of the Hiram & Solomon Cigar Blends. It was especially important to me, since I also do work for Hiram & Solomon, including creating a couple of their cigar band artwork. The solution was to focus on what made the Prince Hall chapters unique in Free Masonry.


Above & Beyond Project Details

David Blanco, the co-owner of Blanco Cigars has been a member of the military, a volunteer fireman & a member of the police department. He wanted to create a cigar blend that celebrated not just his public service, but also the public service & sacrifice of all members of military, firefighters & police. He started with the idea for a flag with his name in the three colors he felt exemplified those services: red for firefighters, blue for the police & khaki for the military. From there, I worked to create his vision of a simple band that showcased the private sacrifices of public servants. As part of the final design, I added the Oath of Service that all members of the military take when they enter the service. It is a soft background across the back of the band. i also added the stencil font for the blend’s name.


Coffee Bag Project Details

Many tobacco growers also grow coffee as a cover crop to reintroduce essential nutrients into the soil for the tobacco crop. Tobacco & coffee have a long history of growing together & enhancing each other, not just in the field but in the flavors when consumed. As such, David Blanco asked me to design a coffee bag for his upcoming coffee products. There hasn’t been much discussion moving forward with the project, so this is my interpretation of the project. Currently, this is more a practice project then an actual product available for sale.